Personal shopping with Kara will be unlike any other shopping experience you've had. She has extensive knowledge of the best places to shop for every type of style. You can shop for a specific event or an entire wardrobe overhaul. Kara will make sure you are picking the right pieces for your shape and style while making sure you are comfortable along the way. The process begins with a stylist questionnaire; once you've had time to fill out your questionnaire, Kara will start a pinterest board for you. After honing in on your style goals, Kara will come to your home (virtually or in person!) and take a peak into your closet to see what you have. That way, when shopping, we don't duplicate any pieces! Kara will organize the shopping trip so that you get the maximum amount of the time together. 

Personal Shopping | Kara Bettie Stylist | Fashion Blogger

closet cleanout

Whether you just need help changing your closet seasonally or you need a full wardrobe makeover, Kara is ready to help. Kara will work with you to help you decide what clothes should stay and what should go. By going through a full wardrobe consultation you will understand what new pieces you should be buying. 

Closet Cleanout | Kara Bettie Stylist | Fashion Blogger


Kara will work with your existing wardrobe to help create outfits for any occasion. Personal styling services are unique to each client; whether you need help with the day to day outfit or some special pieces for an evening out Kara will create a look that is tailored for you. Once she has the look complete, Kara will send you a picture with detailed notes so that you don't forget what you've worked on!

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If you have a big trip coming up and don't want to overpack or you have a quick weekend away and want to have the right outfits ready, Kara is the person to call. She will go through your closet and be sure that you have what you need and not a piece more.