Packing Tips: Part One: What to Pack

This month I am focusing on a series of posts regarding travel. Starting up, I'll talk about what to pack. Even if you're a seasoned traveler, it's easy to forget something in the hurry of packing. Below are a few tips to get you squared away.

 I always start with a list a "don't forget list" on my phone. This way as the trips gets closer I can add things I think of along the way... from important documents (passports, health insurance information, etc) to the little things (headphones!, chap stick! charger!)

Packing Tips | Kara Bettie Stylist | Fashion Blogger | Beschell Photography

I pack extra bags: those bags some purses and shoes come in are perfect for organizing your items like electronics, covering your hair brush so it doesn't snag any clothes or simply putting shoes in so you don't get the rest of your bag dirty. I also pack zip lock bags which are great for storing dirty laundry or protecting your clothes from liquids that may leak. As your trip progresses, you may want a baggie to add items you've collected along the way (shells, a special concert ticket, etc)

Packing Tips | Kara Bettie Stylist | Fashion Blogger | Beschell Photography

While I normally caution against over packing and adding items that you may not need I highly recommend packing at least two scarves. Scarves are not only versatile (helping protect you from the elements like sun, wind, rain) but they also make your outfit look more put together. If you're not sure what to do with scarves, try packing some fun jewelry. While the jewelry won't help protect you from the elements, it will add another element to complete your outfit.

Packing Tips | Kara Bettie Stylist | Fashion Blogger | Beschell Photography

Finally, while I can't say exactly how many or what types of clothes to bring as that completely depends on the type of trip and length of stay, I can say to use a general rule of three tops to one bottom. For example, if you're going for a week, you should be able to pack two pairs of bottoms to match with six different tops (that is if you want a different outfit each day). Don't forget if you've packed two scarves or some fun jewelry, you have more to work with to make each outfit look different without adding too much bulk to your bag.

All Photos by Ashley Beschell