How to Accessorize Your Outfit

How many times have you looked in your closet and thought... I have nothing to wear! We've all thought that. One easy way to refresh your look and stretch your wardrobe life is with accessories. I am a big advocate in the belief that accessories can make the outfit but it can be challenging to decide what to put together. Below I give you some advice to help keep your look chic and on point.

1. consider color: Color is the first step to accessorizing. You want your accessories to compliment the colors in your outfit, not to match your outfit. This may sound tricky but start by sticking with two colors per outfit or with all neutrals. From there you can experiment with other combinations especially when thinking of your shoes and purse. Keep in mind that gold looks dressier than silver which looks dressier than gunmetal or bronze. 

2. consider scale: Scale is the next part when choosing your accessories. If you are wearing a simple sheath dress, you can add a chunky necklace to compliment the simplicity of your dress. Another example is if you're wearing a flowy summer dress, don't wear clunky clogs but choose shoes that match the feeling of your outfit: lighter, strappy sandals. If you have a patterned top or dress on or one with any embroidery, choose simple accessories so that your outfit isn't overwhelming. Similarly you can play with the scale of your purses to compliment your outfit.

3. consider the event: Finally, think of the event you are going to and what the occasion calls for. Accessories can really make an outfit look dressier for an evening event by wearing higher heels, some nicer jewelry and a small clutch. For better work accessories stick with simple necklaces and earrings with the occasional statement necklace or earring and a good tote bag. 

Do you have other accessorizing advice? Leave a comment below with your suggestion!