5 Tips for bathing suit shopping for any figure

Bathing suit shopping can bring about a lot of anxiety regardless of who you are or what you look like. Below I detail five tips to reduce stress while you're shopping for a new suit this summer.

5 Tips for Bathing Suit Shopping

1. This goes for shopping in general, but even more so when you are trying on bathing suits: don't focus on the size, focus on the fit. When it comes to bathing suits, you will almost always be a size up from your "normal" size because the fabric bathing suits are made of is meant to be tight. Don't stress about the size; depending on the brand a better fit may be one or even two sizes above your normal size.

2. When in between sizes, opt for the smaller size. Swimsuit fabric has stretch to it already but as you wear it, it will stretch more especially once the fabric gets wet. Another reason to go with the smaller size (only when in between sizes) is a slightly smaller size will give you better support.

3. Before you go shopping, think about the use of your suit. If you're swimming laps or riding waves, you're going to want a different swim suit than when you're lounging pool side or beach side just reading a book. Strapless won't work when you're going down the waterpark slide! You'll want a different swimsuit if you're picking up a toddler than if your kids are older and you aren't bending over as much or if you don't have any kids. These are all things to keep in mind when you set out to buy a new swimsuit.

4. Shop in separates and be ok with separates in different sizes. If you are buying a two piece (whether it's a bikini, tankini or any version in between), try on different sizes for your top and bottom. You very likely may not be the same size on the top and the bottom which is a-ok.

5. Last up: be prepared when trying you go to try on bathing suits. You'll want to wear a thin thong and bring sandals so you can get a real sense of how the bathing suit will look. While you're there, do the work: stand up, sit down, lift your arms over your head. All of these actions you will need to do when wearing a swimsuit and you want to make sure it stays in place before purchasing.