where i like to shop

A common question people ask me is where do I shop? While I tend to shop around a LOT I thought I'd write a list of some of my go-to stores for specific pieces. Take a look below + let me know what you think!

For trendy items: Zara and H&M are my favorite for trendy items. Both stores always have on point trends and their price point is reasonable enough that if the trend is out by the following year, you haven't broken the bank. Case in point: my favorite pair of "distressed" denim (ie ripped up) is from Zara. I think it cost me less than $100 and I've definitely worn them more than ten times (meaning less than $10/wear!). My tip: shop at these stores in person if possible as their sizing can be a little funny.

For Jeans: Ok so this is one category where I'm willing to spend a little more. Once I find a great fit and style of jean, it's worth it to spend more. I wear jeans quite a bit and will buy the same jean in different washes if I think it's the perfect pair. For my personal preference I go with AG and MiH but I'd also highly recommend Frame Denim.

For shoes: Nordstrom is a great place to shop (in person if possible) for shoes. I like their selection because they carry everything from high end brands to a more standard pair so you can really find whatever you're looking for. My other (not so secret anymore) place is Free People. While their clothes can be fun and maybe a little too funky for some, they have a huge range of shoes. Two of my favorite pairs are from them and I get compliments on those two pair constantly!

For Neutrals: Aritizia. Aritizia. Aritizia. I love them. You might have noticed I'm sort of into a monochromatic palette and Aritizia is the place for my neutrals. They also have a great selection of vegan leather + vegan suede which I also happen to be into.

Online: When I'm browsing for general wardrobe items without a specific piece in mind I always check out Asos + Revolve Clothing. Both of their sites are incredibly easy to navigate and you're able to set helpful parameters (size, price, color, etc) so that you aren't going through hundreds of pages.

For basics: It may seem like an obvious choice but J.Crew has some of my favorite basics. For layering tanks, tees and even some solid colored sweaters I always look to J. Crew. Full disclaimer: I LOVE their vintage cotton tees but beware of the v-neck version. It is just way too low for me to wear (and I would think most people?) without a tank/underlayer and that's just not what I'm looking to do with a basic tee. I'm going to try their linen tees (in crew neck) and see how they are as well.

For Swimwear: Some of their pieces are a little sassy, but Shop Blue Planet has really fun options especially in the one piece department. Another great site is The Girl and the Water which carries all the "it" brands of the moment (think Acacia, Frankie's and Mara Hoffman) as well as a wide variety of cover ups.