What I Wore: Tips to express your personal style

What I Wore: Personal Style Expression

Spring is working its way closer to us, but for now we're caught in post winter weather and pre-spring weather. This means that we're caught in between seasons for outfits too. While the days are getting warmer, I still need to bundle up especially by the water where even a slight breeze can really cool the day down.

Below I'll explain why I chose to wear this outfit and how it fits with my personal style.

I knew it was going to be a chilly day so I wanted to layer up. I like to have a big, comfy cardigan I can easily take on and off through the day. I got this one on major sale from South Moon Under; it's a Free People Cardigan. I was going for a bohemian vibe with this look which is why I chose the lace top (old, from Anthro) and my favorite pair of broken denim (from Zara). Zara is one of my go to places to shop for trendy items that you don't want to invest in. More on my favorite places to shop next week!

I love wearing casual, bohemian looks on the weekend and a braid is a perfect addition to that. Without having a huge wardrobe, you can still show off your personal style by the way you do your hair or the simple accessories you add to your outfit. I'm still loving the look of a handkerchief as a choker and I added in some longer earrings to keep with the boho look.