How to stay warm + not look like a snow(wo)man

I'll be honest, winter is by far my least inspiring season to dress for. While trying to stay warm, I end up feeling like a stuffed animal with all of the layers. This year, I decided it had to end. I'm listing below my wardrobe tips for how to stay warm while not looking (and feeling) like a snow(wo)man. These are the same tips I give my personal clients while I'm styling them for winter.

1. A lot of places you look will tell you to simply layer as many items to keep yourself warm. But by doing this, you add additional bulk to your clothes that is unnecessary. To cut down on that bulk, but still keep warm, you need to layer effectively. The best way to start your layers is with a close fitting tank that you can tuck into your pants, skirt or tights. The key part here is tucking in. This way when a cold wind blows by, your skin will still be protected even if your outer layers are being blown around you and no one can tell that you have an extra layer on.

2. Over your base tank, add a loose, large knitted wool or cashmere sweater, preferably with a turtleneck. Wool and cashmere are great fabrics that will keep you insulated against the cold wind. Looser fitting sweaters will look better over your tank layer and you won't feel as stuffed into your tops. 

3. Next up: your outerwear. People tend to make the mistake of layering sweater over sweater. While this will keep you warm, most sweaters don't have room in the arms for anything but a very thin top. I've found the same problem with most cardigans. So what to do instead? Swap out the second sweater layer for a jacket. Jackets tend to have more room in the sleeve for thicker fabrics. My personal favorite is a leather jacket because leather is a warm fabric that cuts out wind chill. 

If you've layered correctly, once you add your coat, you shouldn't look (and more importantly you shouldn't feel) uncomfortable or like a snow(wo)man. 

4. Accessories are your best friend. This goes for everyday, but even more so in cold weather. A cute hat (+ gloves) can go a long way in keeping you warm. If you're not wearing a turtleneck, a scarf is essential. Keeping your neck and decolletage covered is not only important in keeping you warm, but it will help prevent you from getting sick. When it's truly bitter out, use your scarf to cover your mouth and nose as well.

5. My final styling tip: keep a spare jacket or scarf wherever you spend most of your time (your office, your car, etc). That way you can add an extra layer when it's especially cold.

That's it! I hope these wardrobe tips help keep you warm and stylish throughout the winter season.