the transition from late summer to early fall

Fall is just around the corner which is bittersweet for me. I love the summer, the sun, the ocean, BBQ's.. pretty much everything to do with summer. However I also love the outfit options that come with the challenge of transitional weather. You know when the morning is chilly but the day is warm (or hot) and you just don't know how to dress for both! My best advice is not earth shattering. It's called layering. 

Throw on a Cardigan

Long cardigans and sleeveless cardigans (vests) are everywhere. They look great over your warmer weather pieces and are easy to add and subtract to your outfit throughout the day.

Tights Under... anything!

Although likely not something you'll take on and off throughout the day ;) tights are a great option to take your summer outfits to a warmer weather look.

My personal favorite: the scarf.

I love scarves and think they're pretty much the perfect accessory. They can add a pop of color, match or don't and it always looks great.


Swap out your sandals for some booties to instantly add a fall vibe to your outfit (and keep your tootsies warm!)

All images are from Pinterest and can be found with links on my pinterest fall transition page.