Ethical Clothing & Shoe Companies

While I'm not here to preach, I do think it's important to take a step back from all the fun of fashion and really look at where and how your clothes are being made. Instead of focusing on the companies that are not working responsibly I want to highlight the ones that are. Focus on the good! 

Everlane: Based in San Francisco, Everlane is a truly unique company. While shopping on their site, you can read about the factory where each garment or accessory is made. They have a link to look at all of the factories they use with extensive information about each one (think pictures, info about the factory owner, etc!).  The best part: their clothes are beautifully designed and won't break the bank.

Beaumont Organic: Taking ethical considerations into every part of the fabrication process, Beaumont Organics can trace the origin of the seed planted to the final stages of the production in Europe. While browsing their products, they provide symbols to indicate exactly what the product is made from and how it was made. They also provide free international shipping with code: freeshipping.

Kowtow: Based in New Zealand, but shipping worldwide, Kowtow is a certified fair trade organic clothing company. Their products are made sustainably from seed to finished garment. Information about their cotton sourcing and factory conditions are listed on their website; they even made a short film documenting the process.

Wool and the Gang: Each piece from Wool & the Gang is hand knit from one of their knitting "gangstas." They also provide information about where each type of yarn comes from and give you the option to knit some of the patterns yourself.

Coclico: A beautiful shoe company manufactured in a family-run factory in Mallorca, Spain. They source their materials locally through Europe from ethical producers. Coclico also partners with Native Energy to track it's annual carbon footprint and invests in renewable energy projects.