neutrals: wardrobe tip

I'm often asked for tips on how to start a new wardrobe or to build on an existing one. One of the first tips I give people is to start with neutrals. If you start with a neutral palette, it will be easier to put pieces together and to incorporate some of the more fun or unique items that you may be drawn to but unsure of how to wear.

In all of the pictures below, I show a pair of lighter colored jeans but with these neutral tops, you could wear dark jeans, black jeans or green khakis. That's the best part about wearing neutrals: you can mix and match so easily.

I'm starting with just three fall/winter tops: a sweater, a button down + a turtleneck.


With just three tops, you can layer them to create another look. Here are two examples below.

Next week I'll show how to use the neutral tops with some harder to wear items.