Storage solutions: jewelry

Keeping track of your jewelry can be challenging. Between losing earring pairs, having necklaces knot together and working to keep everything clean, jewelry storage solutions are key. I've found the biggest part of jewelry storage is keeping your pieces separated and organized in a dedicated place. Below I discuss three different ways to store your jewelry based on how much space you can dedicate to your jewelry.

One: Tons of Space

If you're lucky enough to have an infinite amount of space for your jewelry storage, I recommend creating a display for your jewelry. When your jewelry is displayed beautifully you'll be more likely to reach for a piece without losing track of what you have.  By displaying your jewelry, all pieces are separated and organized neatly.

Two: Some Space

If you don't have enough room to display your jewelry, dedicate a drawer to your jewelry storage. There are a few ways to keep things separated with simple hacks: try the egg crate solution (seen below) or use the boxes your jewelry came in.  This storage solution is also helpful if all of your jewelry isn't exactly..display worthy. 

Three: Minimal Space

Finally, if you don't have the space to display your jewelry or dedicate a drawer try hanging solutions. You can hang these jewelry storage containers on the back of your closet door or bathroom door. 

These three jewelry storage solutions will keep you organized and help you remember what you have so that you wear more jewelry more often!