Style Come Back: Chokers

Is everyone ready for this? Chokers are back. I've been ignoring this trend mostly because I was a participant the first time around, but I can't ignore that I'm seeing them everywhere. Designers in the spring showcased them as a trend for this fall: everyone from Lanvin to Ralph Lauren.

But just because the designers are showing it, doesn't mean we should all hop on the bandwagon. Style comes from confidence and your ability to rock what you're wearing. From the trends I've seen, there are three types of chokers: the skinny minis and the chunky statement pieces and the long skinny scarf as a choker.

The Skinnies

This is the most direct comeback from the '90's trend. Take a look at some of the updated looks.

The Chunky Statement Pieces

The chunky pieces are an updated version of what we remember. This is a look I can get behind; they look incredibly chic on the ladies below.

The Skinny Scarf

Similar to the neckerchief, wear your skinny scarf as a choker leaving the ends loose.

What do you think? Are you ready for the comeback? Already rocking the look? Leave your feedback in the comments!